Anti Ram Raid Construction – ARC 2.0 – is SUSTAINABLE & RELIABLE


Block-IT introduces the breakthrough in ram-crack prevention and security, the ARC 2.0®. The ARC 2.0® is an important innovation. It is one of the strongest anti-ram crack constructions currently available in the market with unprecedented features in the segment. With the ARC 2.0®, Block-IT delivers a complete turn-key security solution for your valuable object. The ARC 2.0® is a concrete retractable wall that can be raised hydraulically from the road surface if required. The ARC 2.0® is used for the complete or partial closure of carriageways, walkways, facades, rolling doors and other access possibilities. wall. The ARC 2.0 is supplied prefabricated and also serves as a foundation. As a result, there are no drying times and in the most frequent cases the construction can be installed in one day including the inclination of the street work. Great advantage over steel structures is that concrete lasts for life (even becomes stronger) and should not be replaced by corrosion in order to continue to meet the strict requirements of the insurance company. The ARC 2.0® amply meets the standards of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management. Optional lighting effects, coloring and boarding can be applied to the high strength concrete construction to the customer’s wishes (including advertising & logo).

The ARC 2.0 remains undisturbed after a collision and without any intervention is immediately ready to withstand a subsequent crash of both directions effortlessly.

Block-IT realizes for you the entire process of production, delivery and installation of the Anti Ram Raid Construction. The ARC 2.0® is a low-maintenance design due to its clever patented design.


  • Vandalism and tamper proof
  • 15 year warranty
  • Maintenance-free construction
  • Do not rust, concrete rot is a thing of the past
  • Turn-key concept
  • Sustainable
  • Mutual impact
  • Prefab construction



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